Team Advisors

Students will access their team pages by creating an account on this site, logging in, and joining a team. (See Welcome page for student instructions). On their team page, they can submit their projects for the Data Jam Competition.

Please note: Though all students on a team can create accounts and participate in their project's submission, only one student needs an account in order to submit the team's final project. 

Please encourage ALL of your students to attend their local Data Jam Expo in either Poughkeepsie, NY or Baltimore, MD with their projects, and to RSVP whether they can attend or not!  They'll have the opportunity to RSVP when they submit their project.  For information regarding student travel scholarships, please contact


As the team leader, you will need to create a team page for EACH of your teams.  If you're here, you've already done Steps 1-2.  Now just repeat Step 3 until you have created all of your teams!


Zebra mussel populations in the Hudson River is one of the data sets that students can use in their Data Jam project. Photo credit: Pam Freeman