Welcome, Teams!

You've worked hard for the 2017 Data Jam Competition, and now it's time to submit your work! You will submit your final projects through this website. The judges will be able to view and score each team's project. You will also be able to use this website to access your project videos and computer-generated visuals online and display them at the 2017 Data Jam Expo.

The Cary Institute is sponsoring two Data Jams this year--- one in the Hudson Valley, and one in Baltimore. Competitors in both programs will be submitting their entries through this website, so make sure you select "Hudson Valley" or "Baltimore" as your location.


Have questions?                                                                                            

For Hudson Data Jam questions e-mail Ashley Inserillo at caryeducation@caryinstitute.org.

For Baltimore Data Jam questions e-mail Bess Caplan at caplanb@caryinstitute.org.


All Students will be required to complete an online survey, which will help improve our program for future years. Each student from your team should fill out his or her own survey.

Thank you!


Submission overview:

Step 1: Team advisors create an account, and create a page for each of their teams.

Step 2: A representative from each student team creates an account, joins their team page, and submits their project.


Team advisors

As the team leader, you will need to create team page(s).  Here's how:



Here's how to get started and submit your project: